Training suppliers

In 2010, we continued our intensive efforts to provide training for our suppliers, licensees and employees from the adidas Group's operational departments.

We have three main types of training:

  • Fundamental training: includes introductory training for the Workplace Standards, Fair Factories Clearinghouse (FFC) data entries, the new factory approval process and the SEA operating guidelines
  • Performance training: includes detailed training on specific issues on labour, health, safety, and environmental practices, as well as initial assessment monitoring methods
  • Sustainability training: includes training in the KPI and rating tools, sustainable compliance planning and supplier self-assessment methods.

Supplier Trainings

Supplier Trainings

In 2010, 193 training sessions were conducted by the SEA team. Included in this total number are 73 group training sessions where there is more than one supplier participating:

Americas - there were 80 training sessions provided to more than 170 adidas Group staff and suppliers' compliance personnel.

EMEA - there were 14 training sessions for more than 80 adidas Group staff and suppliers' compliance personnel.

Asia - there were 99 training sessions for more than 1,960 internal staff and suppliers' compliance personnel.

Read on for some training initiatives from 2010:



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