Strategy 2015

Managing carbon

Based on the overall Environmental Strategy 2015, we have developed an approach to managing our carbon emissions:

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by at least 10%. We will achieve this by driving energy and carbon efficiencies throughout the value chain, beginning with a 'hot spot' approach, targeting specific areas.

We have a hierarchy of approaches we will follow to reach our goal:

  1. Reducing energy consumption
  2. Using energy with a lower carbon footprint
  3. Offset carbon where appropriate in approved schemes.

We have a comprehensive programme for our own sites with targets to reduce carbon emissions by 30% in total. We report our own sites' emissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project. This year we have improved our score in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index from 53 to 68. Find out more about our performance in the Green Company section.

We also work with our suppliers, focusing on the top 50 energy consumers relative to the production output for the adidas Group. We aim to help them reduce their carbon footprint by:

  • Developing guidelines for energy auditing
  • Conducting energy workshops
  • Developing benchmarking tools and reports.

We are committed to transparent reporting about the adidas Group's environmental impact and performance. So we report about our progress publicly through the Carbon Disclosure Project and we are members of the Climate Neutral Network.

Reading this report

Performance counts and reporting is about making performance clear to readers.

So in this year's report each page identifies which Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators it addresses, complementing the GRI Index.