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Greener Computing

Our Global IT department has continued to make progress on reducing the energy used by the adidas Group's computers. During 2010 the team has pursued several goals:

  • Replacement/decommissioning of old power-hungry hardware. More than 40 physical servers were decommissioned and recycled. This equals an annual saving of approximately 400 tonnes of CO2.
  • Server virtualisation - we managed to improve the virtual to physical server ratio compared to 2009. While in 2009 the ratio was 59 physical and 41 virtual, it is now 49 physical and 51 virtual. With 15-20 virtual servers able to run on one physical server, this reduces energy and CO2 emissions by up to 50%.
  • Energy efficient hardware models - we identified more energy efficient server models we can buy to support growing business demands.

We know that if we continue to be innovative and look for opportunities to consolidate, we can further reduce the energy demands of our IT infrastructure. We are working on a solution that will shut down servers when they are not needed and power them on automatically within a virtual environment. Storage virtualisation can transfer the same great benefits of server virtualisation (higher utilisation, hardware consolidation) to the storage environment. And archiving and removing duplications will let us manage and store data in a much more efficient way and moderate storage demands.

Our targets for 2011 are to:

  • Decommission more than 40 physical systems and/or virtualise them
  • Reduce the percentage of our servers that are physical by at least 11%
  • Focus on energy efficient infrastructure solutions.
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