Green Company

Green Company is the name we give to our environmental programme run at our own sites around the globe. It builds on years of environmental initiatives, drawing them together into a coherent programme. Our Green Company vision is to become a zero-emission company by:

  • Embedding environmental best practice in everything we do
  • Maximising environmental efficiency gains
  • Supporting and harnessing our people's passion for a greener planet.

We have adopted a management systems approach to drive continuous improvement. Read about how five sites this year gained certification to ISO 14001, together with the central function at our headquarters in Germany.

Helping our sites to meet targets

All our Green Company targets were developed and approved at the end of 2009. You can see them on our corporate website.

This year we issued a set of guidelines to help our 70 reporting entities establish programmes to meet their targets. The guidelines describe the general approach to translating the Group-wide targets to a local facility level and what steps need to be taken to meet specific targets.

The guidelines will be followed in 2011 by topic-specific tools as appropriate, for example guidance about energy management and tools for benchmarking.



Reading this report

Performance counts and reporting is about making performance clear to readers.

So in this year's report each page identifies which Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators it addresses, complementing the GRI Index.