An employer of choice

Rewarding employees

Performance-driven remuneration system

We are committed to rewarding our employees with compensation and benefit programmes that are competitive in the marketplace. The cornerstone of our rewards programme is our Global Salary Management System which is used as a basis to set the value of employees' positions and salaries in a market-driven and performance-oriented way.

In addition to a fixed base salary, we also offer our employees various variable compensation components.

Bonus programme: In order to allow our employees to participate in the Group's success and to reward them for their target achievement, we have implemented a global bonus programme under the name 'aim 2 score'. This programme combines individual performance (measured in the Performance Evaluation and Planning process) and corporate performance (actual financial results measured against Group, brand, channel, division and/or business unit targets).

Profit sharing: For employees at our Group headquarters and our other locations in Germany who do not participate in the bonus programme, we have introduced a profit sharing programme called 'Champions Bonus'.

Additional compensation components: For senior management and Executive Board members we offer Long-Term Incentive Programmes (LTIP). Other benefits include our 401-K pension plans in the USA and the adidas Group pension plan for our employees in Germany. In 2010, 2,060 employees participated in the latter, which represents 58% of all eligible employees.

Other Group subsidiaries also grant a variety of additional benefits to employees depending on locally defined practices and country-specific norms.

Creating an attractive work environment

Employees playing basketball

We aim to harmonise the commercial interests of the adidas Group with the private and family needs of our employees. Our work-life balance programme includes family-oriented services, flexible work time and place, people development and leadership competence related to work-life balance.

In addition, we offer our employees a wide range of sports activities at our major sites. Employees in Herzogenaurach, Portland and Canton and at other subsidiaries have access to a company gym.

Employees playing volleyball

Our Company Sports department in Herzogenaurach also organises various sports activities such as mountain biking, kayaking or ski tours. Special events such as a one-week sports camp for employees' children, trans-alpine mountain bike tours and the annual Berlin Marathon weekend (with a suitable training programme prior to the event) are also available. In 2010, the Company Sports department in Germany offered about 225 courses and more than 40 events which were attended by more than 3,600 participants (2009: more than 3,000).

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