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Developing employees

To reach their personal best, our Group's employees are offered training to build on their strengths, improve their skills and overcome their own challenges. In this process, joining individual aspirations to our organisational needs is the highest priority. Our 'Competency Model' defines a set of competencies to ensure consistent and transparent performance, talent and succession management. We focus our efforts on three key success drivers: Performance Management, Talent Management and Succession Management.

Performance Management: Our global PEP (Performance Evaluation and Planning) tool enables us to measure all our employees against the required competencies of their job level and their performance, but also to set individual business targets and plan appropriate training activities as necessary. We offer targeted training (behavioural and managerial training) for individuals at all levels of the organisation. PEP is used in all business units of the adidas Group and the online PEP has a coverage of 71%. The target for 2011 is to reach an online coverage of 97% Group-wide.

Talent Management: With specifically designed talent management tools, we identify employees at all levels of our Group who have the potential to become future leaders in our organisation. In order to prepare employees for more complex future roles, they participate in targeted development programmes for various levels within the organisation:

  • Executive Development Programme: A global adidas Group programme (cross-brand and cross-functional) for employees who show potential for the Executive level. The programme is centrally managed and executed.
  • Management Development Programme: A global adidas Group programme which is executed regionally. This programme is tailored for employees from different functional areas and brands who show potential for management.
  • People Manager Development Programme: A global adidas Group programme which is executed locally. The programme targets employees at a team leader level who show potential for their next career step.
  • Business Management Programme: A two-year international cross-functional and cross-brand programme aiming at attracting professionals with MBA degrees and three to five years' work experience to prepare them for future management positions within our Group. At year-end 2010, six employees were participating in the BMP globally (2009: 5).
  • Functional Trainee Programme: A 12- to 18-month programme giving graduates with international backgrounds and excellent educational credentials the opportunity to start a functional career with the adidas Group. The programme comprises six three-month assignments in varying departments. At least one of these assignments takes place abroad. At year-end 2010, we employed 36 participants in this global programme (2009: 39).

Our development programmes are complemented by apprenticeship and internship programmes. The adidas Group apprenticeship offers young people who want to join our Group straight out of school the opportunity to gain business experience in a three-year rotation programme. The programme includes vocational training in retail, industrial management and IT as well as integrated study programmes. At the end of 2010, we employed 55 apprentices in Germany (2009: 58).

Our global internship programme gives students three to six months work experience within the adidas Group. For 'best-of-class' interns, we continued our 'ReBound' programme to foster potential future employment. At the end of 2010, we employed 320 interns in Germany (2009: 331).

Succession Management: We have a Group-wide succession management process in place that helps us identify succession risks as well as develop designated or potential successors for future management positions. All positions from Director level are discussed regularly by senior management. The succession management process is supported by a system which stores position and employee data related to performance, potential, career aspirations, mobility, etc. This system is applied in 71% of the adidas Group business units. The target for 2011 is to reach a Group-wide online coverage of 94%.

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