An employer of choice

Our ambition is to be the employer of choice both for our current and future employees because this will lead to business success.

We need to evaluate our performance in achieving this goal which is why we introduced formal employee engagement surveys in 2008. We believe that employee satisfaction drives commitment, commitment drives engagement, and engagement drives business performance. Consequently, we have defined engagement as one of our Group's key performance indicators for measuring our efforts to sustain a 'performance culture'.

Group-wide engagement survey

In 2010 we conducted the first Group-wide engagement survey. We achieved an outstanding participation rate of 90% and an engagement score which places us close to the upper quartile of highest performing organisations in respect to engagement. Compared to 2008 we were able to increase our engagement score significantly. This score was underpinned by a high level of confidence in our senior leaders, clarity of strategic direction as well as an open and constructive work climate. Areas for further improvement identified by employees included career development and opportunity support, availability of IT tools and performance recognition. Our senior leaders are responsible for and committed to increasing the engagement scores. As in previous years, based on the feedback received, 'Result-to-Action teams' will be established to drive initiatives to enhance the Group's performance in the respective areas of weakness.

Internal communication activities to drive employee engagement

We believe that a robust internal communication platform is essential for driving employee engagement and fostering open collaboration within our organisation.

The Group's intranet has been transformed into blogs allowing teams to communicate quickly and enabling employees to comment and discuss current topics. Our new Group-wide 'Idea Forum' allows employees to make suggestions, gain recognition for doing so and contribute to their implementation.

We also have a web-based scheme - 'Ask the Management' - that allows employees to post questions to senior management. And more of our main locations are hosting 'All-employee meetings', where senior management address topics of interest and answer questions. There were more than ten such meetings organised across all brands, Group functions and regions in 2010.

We encourage employees to use any or all of these channels to voice their concerns, questions or suggestions. The more feedback we receive, the more we are able to improve our practices and be a better employer.

Reading this report

Performance counts and reporting is about making performance clear to readers.

So in this year's report each page identifies which Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators it addresses, complementing the GRI Index.