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Relief efforts

Natural or other disasters can strike at any moment, anywhere in the world. As a global company, it is especially important to us to do something in the line of relief efforts and work together with humanitarian aid organisations and others to bring supplies - including our products - into affected areas. But not just the company donates money and other items for people in need in these areas, but also our employees are very generous when it comes to organising donation drives amongst themselves. In 2010, the adidas Group provided financial aid and product donations to international aid organisations to support victims affected by the earthquakes in China and Haiti and floods in Pakistan.

Save the Children on partnering with the adidas Group

"In the past two decades, the total number of natural disasters has quadrupled. Globally, in an average year, natural disasters affect the lives of 250 million people and kill 66,000 people. In 2010, 20 million people were affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti and the vast flooding in Pakistan alone - half of whom were children.

Save the Children partnership

Save the Children was founded more than 90 years ago to help children and their families in Germany after World War I - our first emergency response. Eglantyne Jebb, our founder, said in 1928: 'The world's children stand in urgent need of better protection, because it is they who today pay the heaviest price for our short-sighted economic policies, our political blunders, our wars.' In 2010, it is our mission to deliver immediate and lasting improvements to children's lives in more than 120 countries worldwide.

The adidas Group has been supporting Save the Children in emergencies since 2008, when the cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar and led to our - until then - largest emergency operation. With the agriculture and fishing industries along with homes and schools destroyed, 2.4 million people were affected in the delta region. Through being prepared and the coordinated action with our partners, we were able to reach a quarter of all affected children.

Save the Children partnership

In the same year, 28 million people in India were affected by severe flooding, mostly in the regions of Bihar and Orissa. Again, adidas' quick donation helped us in our immediate response. For example, Child-Friendly Spaces were established which provided children with protected environments in which they participated in organised activities to play, socialise, learn, and express themselves as they slowly rebuilt their lives. Lastly, the adidas Group has also provided a financial contribution towards our emergency response after the heavy monsoon in Pakistan.

Long-term and trusted partners like adidas help us to act quicker and thus save even more children's lives when disasters happen. Save the Children says a huge 'Thank you'. You really help us in making a difference!"

Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen e.V./Wings of Help on partnering with the adidas Group

Frank Franke, CEO Wings of Help and the adidas Group:

"Air traffic today has become the heartbeat of the globalised world: more than 2.5 billion people take to the air every single year and it offers the fastest and most efficient way of transporting relief goods into natural disaster areas.

Image of airoplane door with Wings of Help logo

The above facts not only serve to emphasise the significance of the industry around the world; they also show that the industry has real potential to support those in need.

The basic idea of Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen e.V./Wings of Help is simple and very efficient: we use available air transport capacity to bring aid resources to places all around the world - even to the most remote locations in the furthest corners of the earth.

During the last four years, the adidas Group and Wings of Help have transported relief goods to a:

  • Home for blind and deaf children, Romania
  • Refugee camp for Ethiopian people, Israel
  • Home for blind and deaf children, Russia
  • Home for AIDS infected children, South Africa.

Together we have also responded to natural disasters such as:

  • Earthquake, Peru
  • Cyclone 'Sidr', Bangladesh
  • Cyclone 'Nargis', Myanmar
  • Cyclones 'Ike, Hanna, Gustav, Fay', Haiti
  • Flooding, Pakistan

Most recently the adidas Group's involvement in humanitarian action was demonstrated during the disastrous Pakistan flooding in 2010. Through our partnership Wings of Help transported clothing, shoes and medical devices into the disaster-affected areas in Pakistan.

For 2011 Wings of Help is very happy to continue the close collaboration with the adidas Group."

adidas group and Wings of Help relief effort adidas group and Wings of Help relief effort adidas group and Wings of Help relief effort adidas group and Wings of Help relief effort
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