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Kids Sports Fun Day at adidas Group Headquarters

Evolving from collaboration between Community Affairs and Human Resources, the apprentices at the adidas Group HQ have been given the opportunity to organise a charitable event every year since 2006.

The aim of this venture is to allow underprivileged children from the region to take part in an exciting sports day at the company's headquarters and to give the apprentices the opportunity to plan and implement a project by themselves.

The Kids Sports Fun Day 2010 had a lot to offer for the kids - from a bouncy castle to sumo wrestling with heavy sumo suits, a chance for the kids to create their own adidas T-shirt, a magician and much more.

Here is what people involved had to say about the event:

Sally Hövener and Sebastian Schiele, apprentices:
"At the beginning of our project we weren't aware how much time and patience organising such an event would require. And to be completely honest, at first we underestimated the extent of the project. There was no way we could have succeeded without the regular meetings to update each other which was essential. Personally, what we learned from the event was that you need to work together as a team if you want such a demanding project to become reality.”

Klaus Staedtler von Przyborski, kids supervisor:
"The kids and their supervisors had an unforgettable day at adidas. And when the kids got back home they told their parents how much they enjoyed the day. It was perfectly organised by the apprentices which probably wasn't easy given that the agenda was quite packed and they had about 30 screaming kids to deal with. We would love to come back next year!”

Jela Götting, Head of HR Emerging Employees:
"Every year the organisation of the Kids Sports Fun Day poses a great challenge to the apprentices who are in their second year of their apprenticeship at adidas. They have to come up with a detailed plan for the project including administering the budget and of course the actual execution of the event. And every year there is always one condition: make this year's Kids Sports Fun Day at least as good and successful as the one which took place the year before.”

Jens May, project management trainer:
"It sounds like an easy thing to do but it is quite a complex event that required project management skills from a responsible team. From organising the games and the entertainment to catering and on-site safety and security whilst considering budget and timing the team did a great job. The apprentices can be proud of what they have accomplished and the kids have had a day to remember.”

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