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Adi Dassler Fund

Here are examples of initiatives and projects that were supported in 2010 by the Adi Dassler Fund through adidas employees volunteering their time.

Associação de Interesse a Humanidade (AAIH), Brazil

AAIH is a neighbourhood association taking care of over 500 children and youth, involving them in sports and educational activities. It is located close to the adidas warehouse in Embü, a suburb of São Paulo.

Associao International logo

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Children from Associação de Interesse a Humanidade (AAIH), Brazil

Coaching for Hope, UK

Coaching for Hope organises courses where professional football coaches from the UK train local youth workers in west and southern Africa to Football Association standards. At the same time, the local coaches learn how to deliver HIV sessions to young people in their communities. So far over 30,000 children have benefited from football and HIV awareness sessions and 700 coaches have been through the courses.

Coaching for Hope logo

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Children from Coaching for Hope courses Children from Coaching for Hope courses

Diambars, Senegal

Diambars is a school in Saly, Senegal that teaches football and life skills. Founded in 2003 by French professional football players Jimmy Adjovi-Boco, Saer Seck, Bernard Lama and Patrick Vieira, the school's objective is to make learning as enjoyable as playing football. Ultimately, the goal is to educate not only great footballers, but also role models and leaders who are ready to take responsibility within their communities.

Diambars logo

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Diambars Attitude, France

In this after-school sport and life skills programme adidas employees help 50 kids with their homework and transmit their passion for sport. The kids from 12 to 14 years old were selected with schools and/or local social organisations from Strasbourg. They all face difficulties either at school, privately or socially.

Diambars attitude logo

Los Potreros, Argentina

In 2007, adidas Argentina started to regenerate Potreros - areas of common land - in low-income neighbourhoods around the country. By the end of 2009, 12 Potreros had been reclaimed.

Map of provinces of Patagonia
People from Los Potreros, Argentina Group picture of Los Potreros residents

HOPE worldwide, Southeast Asia

Across several Southeast Asian countries (Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia) adidas helps drive social change by supporting organisations that connects children with coaches who teach life values in addition to sport.

Hope Worldwide logo

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KidsCan StandTall, New Zealand

Founded in 2005, KidsCan StandTall Charitable Trust is a national charity delivering targeted programmes which remove the physical barriers preventing children from low socio-economic backgrounds getting the most out of their education. So far more than 39,000 children in 183 schools across New Zealand have been helped.

Kids Can Stand Tall logo

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Jump Space, UK and Ireland

Based in Stockport, Jump Space supports primarily disabled people and their families in and around this area, providing meaningful opportunities for disabled people to take part in sport and physical activity.

Jump Space logo

Please see their facebook page for more information.

Midnight Project, Switzerland

In the last ten years, this non-profit organisation has opened gyms in almost 100 cities. Along with football and basketball the Midnight Project offers different sports for teenage boys and girls every Saturday evening. Open Sundays, it help younger kids find a place to play on weekends. Over 275,000 kids have participated to date.

Midnight Project logo

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Children from the Midnight Project

NEHEMIA, Albania

The humanitarian aid foundation NEHEMIA started its work in Albania in 1991, just after the collapse of communism. Ever since it has supported the country's development in many different ways, one of them being through education and sports.

Nehema logo

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Operation Breakthrough, Hong Kong

This charity introduces sports and related activities, together with positive interaction with role models, to disadvantaged teenagers and first time offenders.

Operation breakthrough logo

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Right To Play, China

Soon after the devastating Wenchuan earthquake hit in 2008, the adidas Group China and its employees donated money and products to earthquake relief efforts. We also established a partnership with the leading international children's non-profit organisation Right To Play in September 2009 to implement a long-term development programme for children in Ningqiang County, Shaanxi Province, which was one of the counties hit by the earthquake. The programme focuses on using sport and play-based activities to work towards the holistic development of children.

Right to play logo

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Children participating in Right to Play Children participating in Right to Play

SCORE, South Africa

SCORE is an African-based Sport for Development non-profit-organisation that uses sport to empower individuals and build stronger, healthier communities. Sports administration and coaching courses include life skills and leadership components that extend beyond the sports field to strengthen community structures and meet broader community development needs.

Score logo

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Children from Score, South Africa Children from Score, South Africa

Special Olympics, Italy

Special Olympics uses sport to celebrate the abilities and accomplishments of people with intellectual disabilities.

Special Olympics logo

Spiel- und Lernstuben Erlangen-Bruck, Germany

Located near the adidas Group Headquarters are the ‘Spiel- und Lernstuben' of Erlangen-Bruck, a place for underprivileged children to gather. These children often come from single-parent homes, where alcohol, violence and drugs can be a part of daily life.

Family participating in Speil und Lernstruben Erlangen-Bruck

Tsimba Children Home and Mwangaza Visionary School, Kenya

Tsimba Children Home is a small orphanage in Kwale near Mombasa, Kenya. adidas employees financially support 10 of the 17 children living in the home.

Mwangaza Visionary School's mission is to transform the community through education, providing a good learning environment physically and mentally.

Don't Just Say It Do It Kenya logo

Read more on Tsimba Children Home and Mwangaza Visionary School.

Pictures from Tsimba children home and Mwangaza Visionary School Pictures from Tsimba children home and Mwangaza Visionary School
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