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Here we profile two of 2010's brand adidas initiatives where sport is used to help young people learn life skills.

Social Responsibility Committee at adidas Central America & Caribbean (C&C)

Headquartered in Panama City, Panama, adidas C&C oversees more than 27 countries in Central America, the Caribbean, Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia. Early 2010, adidas C&C officially formed the Social Responsibility Committee under the Championship Culture Committee Concept. The goals of this committee are to promote adidas as an organisation involved proactively with important local social causes, provide support to charitable organisations through fundraising activities, and engage adidas employees in sticking to the adidas values and being part of social activities.

In keeping with the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™, adidas made a donation of UMU bandanas to a prominent local organisation for children, called Casa Esperanza. All children ranging from 5 to 16 years old who belong to Casa Esperanza received a yellow UMU to show their support for the Nelson Mandela Foundation. adidas employees spent a day with the children to interact, play with games, and present gifts.

Another highlight of the year was an alliance with the Foundation of Social Actions. Committee members teamed up with the famous international organisation Success for Kids (SFK). Under the slogan ‘One World, Every Child', SFK operates in many countries including USA, UK, Mexico and Panama. SFK is dedicated to empowering at-risk children and adolescents around the world to become resilient productive citizens. Through various learning and development programmes in Panama, adidas C&C is helping to improve the lives of children. At adidas C&C, employee volunteers spend several hours a week putting together classroom materials for local schoolchildren. Others make a contribution to the SFK's funds.

adidas and America SCORES team up to help kids succeed through football

kids participating in America Scores

Since 1999 adidas US has been a supporting partner of America SCORES. America SCORES is the nation's largest after school soccer (football), literacy, and service-learning programme serving more than 6,000 youth in 14 urban, low-income communities. Using the world's most popular sport as a foundation, America SCORES programmes inspire youth to lead healthy lifestyles, be engaged students, and become agents of change in their communities.

Addressing illiteracy and obesity

kids participating in America Scores

America SCORES addresses some of the most significant needs facing the USA's urban youth: illiteracy and obesity. Their programmes use football as a building block for teaching creative writing, leadership skills, and teamwork to at-risk youth. To become an America SCORES team member, participants must commit to literacy workshops every other day after school. The workshops help students express their life experiences through poetry. On days they are not writing these poet-athletes practice football and learn how to translate their teamwork skills from the football field to the classroom and into their communities helping them grow into engaged, active citizens.

adidas provides football products for kids and coaches, leadership on the America SCORES National Board of Directors, sponsorship of special events, such as their annual Poetry Slam, and adidas athlete involvement.

Providing funds to meet local needs

kids participating in America Scores

In addition to creative writing and football, America SCORES teaches their team members about community service. To augment their community service learning curriculum, adidas provided financial grants via the ‘Make the World a Better Place' contest. America SCORES programmes were invited to submit their ideas for a project that would positively impact their community, address a real need, demonstrate creativity in problem-solving, involve the entire team and engage adidas volunteers.

Winning programmes were awarded a $5,000 grant for their ‘Better World' projects.

The kids from America SCORES programmes in Dallas, Texas and Chicago, Illinois joined teachers, community members and adidas volunteers to renovate existing football fields that had become too dangerous for kids to play on. The results were two newly refurbished fields that now provide safe, accessible and appropriate places for kids from the local schools and nearby community to play football.

adidas values the partnership with America SCORES and will continue to support them in their efforts to help even more kids enrich their lives and their communities using the sport of football as a foundation for learning and contributing positively to the world around them.

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