Engaging our stakeholders

Our stakeholders

Our stakeholders are those people or organisations who affect, or are affected by, our operations. Companies do not operate in isolation from society and our stakeholders have a legitimate interest in the way we do business. They are a diverse group and include the following:

  • Employees of the adidas Group
  • Authorisers government, trade associations, shareholders, Board of Directors
  • Business partners unions, suppliers, service providers
  • Workers in our suppliers' factories
  • Opinion-formers journalists, community members, special interest groups
  • Customers professional sports people, distributors, retailers, consumer

Ways we engage

We engage with our stakeholders in a number of ways:

  • Formal stakeholder consultation meetings (called 'stakeholder dialogues') with workers, union representatives, NGOs and suppliers. Reports of stakeholder dialogue meetings can be downloaded from our corporate website
  • Meetings with Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) analysts
  • With our employees through internal reporting and induction programmes
  • Responding to enquiries from consumers and the media
  • Collaborating with other brands in joint initiatives
  • Outreach to graduates and the academic community.

Our approach to engaging with stakeholders

Whenever we are approached by our stakeholders, our policy is clear: we actively engage, we listen, we seek to understand their concerns and where it is within our ability, we act.

When you have a well-developed sustainability programme, as we have, engagement is rarely a one-off event: stakeholder relationships develop over time and along the way, the nature of the dialogue changes, and matures. Where there is a positive and open approach to engagement, perspectives can be shared, differences respected and, at times, new partnerships forged.

Read about the major stakeholder dialogues which took place in 2010.

Reading this report

Performance counts and reporting is about making performance clear to readers.

So in this year's report each page identifies which Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators it addresses, complementing the GRI Index.