progress and targets

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We are committed to improving our performance. We know that setting ourselves challenging targets drives us to aim higher and achieve more.

And we are committed to transparency. Every year we report on the progress we have made against our targets. We assess how well we have done, scoring our progress as follows:

  • 0%: no progress
  • 10%: initiated
  • 25%: partly complete
  • 50%: good progress
  • 75%: substantially complete
  • 100%: fully complete

This year we have expanded on the commentary around each target: why we chose that particular target, how we set about achieving it, and the barriers we encountered along the way. We think this approach will help readers gain a deeper insight into our approach to tackling the challenges we face and how well we have done. Our hope is that this richer content will lead to greater understanding and ultimately increase trust with our stakeholders.

We have categorised our progress against our targets under four categories:

We also provide an aggregated list of progress against our targets and the targets we have set ourselves for 2009.