Performance Data

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Reliable performance data is important. It allows us to review our progress and plan our next steps. By publishing that data we invite our stakeholders to form their own view about our performance.

Since 2006, the supply chain-related data management for the SEA programme has been managed on the Fair Factories Clearinghouse (FFC) platform. We use that data to inform critical communications and reporting to multiple internal and external stakeholders, including this review.

During 2008, we critically reviewed the data in the FFC and took steps to improve it. However, we did encounter some barriers that have affected the quality of some of the data in this review. Find out more about our efforts to improve data quality.

In this section

For 2008 we have provided a more detailed analysis of our performance data. This additional commentary covers issues such as the quality of the data and the reasons for the results and trends that we see. The page on data quality is followed by six sections of performance data: