Stakeholder issues

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Whenever we are approached by a stakeholder with an issue, our policy is very clear: we actively engage, we listen, we seek to understand the nature of the issue at hand and where it is within our ability, we act.

When you have a well-developed CR programme, engagement is rarely a one-off event: stakeholder relationships develop over time and along the way the nature of that dialogue changes, and matures. Where there is a positive and open approach to engagement, perspectives can be shared, differences respected and, at times, new partnerships forged.

In 2008, the adidas Group continued to pursue many long-standing engagements with international NGOs and trade unions and at a country-specific level we strengthened our existing relationships with local NGOs to support improvements in worker representation and communication. In El Salvador we reached out to government, to call for greater enforcement of the law, and in Indonesia we asked for the government's support for a possible factory closure. We also called on the caretaker government in Bangladesh to release an independent labour monitor who had been arrested.

The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was very much the focal point for the year, both for adidas as a sponsor and for our international stakeholders who voiced their concerns over human rights issues in China and in those places where they felt the Chinese government could apply its influence, namely in Darfur.

This section of our report describes the major stakeholder dialogues which took place around the world in 2008. Another section explains how these activities measure up against our targets for the year.

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