Target 2015


Internal communications target 2015

Create awareness and engage employees by driving messaging through internal communication channels.

environmental success stories shared with employees

Employee awareness and engagement are key success factors in moving towards a greener company, and give further impetus to the company's Environmental Strategy 2015. The Corporate Communications team is dedicated to communicating the company's efforts around sustainability in a fact-based and open way.

In 2012, Internal Communications focused on informing the workforce on the progress made towards the company's environmental goals in a more holistic and interactive way.

For example, the team produced a Green Company voice-over presentation to show employees how they can easily contribute to Green Company targets. During the ISO14001 re-certification process this presentation supported our communication efforts to give new employees an insight into the Green Company initiative, and to remind employees overall of the Group's environmental goals.

The team also supported best practice sharing between employees involved in various Environmental Strategy initiatives across the business by facilitating network meetings, then disseminating the learning on the intranet and in the employee newsletter.

But overall, the Internal Communications team focused on integrating environmental messaging into other business-related communications. We see this integrated approach as a crucial factor to foster and raise awareness among employees.

ISO 14001 chart

Milestones 2012

  Largely achieved Further strengthen internal communication efforts by applying tailor-made presentations to all our businesses.

  • Informed employees about the Social and Environmental Affairs (SEA) team's work through blogs, magazines and newsletters.
  • Integrated sustainability messages into adidas Group updates and events.
  • Created a Green Company voiceover presentation explaining how employees can contribute to Green Company targets.
  • Established a global network of Green Team representatives to help achieve the Green Company targets.

Milestones 2013

  Further strengthen internal communication efforts to raise awareness among employees globally.