Athletes never stop trying to improve their performance. The same goes for the adidas Group. We constantly review our performance as we aim for our 2015 targets and set ourselves new milestones each year – because performance counts.

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...rising to the challenge
adidas DryDye

Fresh water is a vital and limited natural resource. So using less water in making our products is an important way we can reduce our impact on the environment.

The apparel industry uses a considerable volume of water to dye clothing so we wanted to find a better way. And we are proud to be the first company to launch a full line of apparel that has been dyed without using any water at all. We call this revolutionary new technology adidas DryDye.

It takes 25 litres of water to dye a t-shirt so our line of 50,000 adidas DryDye graphic t-shirts has saved over 1.2 million litres of water.

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...seeking the next innovation
SMS worker hotlines

Giving workers the opportunity to air grievances in confidence is a key element in helping us to ensure fair, safe and healthy workplace conditions. As a pilot, workers in an Indonesian factory making adidas products can now send SMS text messages to hotlines to raise the alarm if they think their rights are being compromised. The hotlines then investigate the workers' concerns.

The pilot project is also looking at how else mobile phones can be used to improve worker-management communication – a fundamental aspect of a well-run factory. As part of the project, workers' mobile numbers are being anonymously gathered so factory management can send out group texts reminding workers of safety issues or letting them know about changes in policy.

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...inspiring each other
volunteering in Brazil

As a large multinational company, our employees have the opportunity to help out in communities around the world. In 2012 staff worldwide donated more than 26,000 hours of volunteer time supporting community projects in 22 countries.

In Brazil, adidas Group employees have helped out on a social project the adidas brand is funding called Ginga Social. The programme is running five sports projects in low-income areas of five Brazilian provincial capitals. Young people from 7 to 17 not only take part in sports-based activities they also learn life skills too.

Everyone wins: the young people on the projects are inspired and empowered that people from the adidas Group spend time with them. And the volunteers see first-hand the difference sport can make to people's lives and return to work more committed and motivated.

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...aiming high
Virtual 3-D samples

We look at all aspects of our work to understand our environmental impacts. During the product creation phase, a key area where we can make a difference is in using virtual technology to share designs and sell in new products. This saves not only costs, but energy, materials and waste, too.

Some of our brands have really gone the extra mile. Thanks to a collective team effort, the adidas brand has reduced apparel, footwear and hardware samples by 20% since 2010. And our Rockport Women's product teams reduced the number of samples for their Spring/Summer 2013 collection by nearly 80% compared with one year earlier.

More than half of our products are now created as virtual samples (3D) and, by 2015, there will be hardly any market sell-in or product design that is not 'virtualised'.

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